How to use a gift card?

A gift card can be the perfect solution for a gift that can not really be seen or touched, like an experience day or a unique day out. Vouchers are especially useful if you are struggling to find a gift for someone who is hard to buy for, or if you just want to be able to buy the perfect gift without having to pay full price. Coupons can also be useful if the recipient tends to act impulsively, as coupons allow you to budget your purchases in advance.

Keep reading to know how to use coupons in a smart way.

Use of gift cards

Gift certificates are a wonderful way to treat someone you care about with a surprise experience. Vouchers and gift cards can be used for products or services, including entertainment, air travel, bus tours, outdoor meals, salons, spa treatments, clothing, groceries, mobile payments, online shopping, music and more. They are especially popular for birthdays, weddings, graduations, Christmas and other special occasions.

The best way to buy a gift card is online. Go to the store’s website, select your favorite gift, add the product to the shopping cart and pay. Vouchers can then be redeemed in physical stores. The most popular types of coupons are discount and gift.

Discount coupons

When you use a discount coupon, the subscription price changes to match the discount. Once you have provided your payment information, the latter is only valid for one year. If you do not cancel your membership before it expires, it will automatically be renewed for another year at the current price, if you do not cancel it before it expires (without reduction).

Gift card

It can be compared to using coupons to redeem a gift card for a 1-year or 30-day Pro or Pro + subscription. You will not be required to provide your payment information. At the end of the validity period, the subscription is not renewed automatically. The best examples of gift cards are  ASOS discount code  and  LookFantastic discount code .

Problems using the gift card

First, double check that the coupon is still valid and that you made no mistake while entering the code. Changing browsers or clearing the cache are other options (we recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome).

When copying and pasting discount codes, make sure no extra space is accidentally added; Otherwise the code will not work.

While you have a current membership, you cannot use a coupon retroactively. The offer cannot be used if you already have a membership. If this is the case, cancel your membership as soon as possible and provide the still valid coupon. The same applies to the trial month, which must be terminated before you can use the subscription.


In conclusion, a gift card is a thoughtful gift that expresses your love for someone. Coupons can be purchased for many occasions, including holidays, birthdays, weddings, exams and anniversaries. Use your gift cards to buy items from participating retailers.